detail plants 1A landscape design requires continuity with the surrounding architecture and terrain, and continuity with itself. Taking into consideration the inherent qualities and natural rhythms of existing conditions and of the plants themselves, we create a framework and then nature takes over. The resulting garden is a living entity that continually grows into its full potential.

The basic elements of each plant and hardscape material are: color, form and texture. When we select for varied combinations of these components, we build a greater relationship; weaving the threads of connection yields rich, eclectic, visually complex compositions.

Movement through the space necessarily informs design. Plantings, pathways and borders suggest rooms—areas for entertaining or lounging—that should be accessible and sensorially pleasing. Above all, our gardens are meant to be used. We design practical, livable outdoor spaces to uniquely suit the lifestyles and needs of the residents, guests, families, employees, pets and wildlife who play, work and live there.